Five Tips on What to Do with Crappy Gifts

Five Tips on What to Do with Crappy Gifts

With the economy’s sorry state forcing people to get creative with their gift-giving this year, many recipients are in for a rude awakening come December 25th. Here are five tips on what to do with your crappy gifts.

Perhaps you’ve spent the last 360 days hinting at the gifts you’d like and just hoping you get what your heart desires. That’s all well and good, but what about the external factors that could lead to you NOT getting what you want this year? There’s financial ones, religious ones, or maybe Aunt Sally has picked up a new hobby and now wants you to be the first model of her knitted sock collection!

What are you going to do with the crappy gifts you don’t want?

1. Use them.
Hear me out. Maybe, just maybe, you don’t need that shiny, new mp3 player just yet. And perhaps the deluxe oak shelving unit with one matching picture frame is going to come in handy in a few months when you get the itch to do some redecorating. So, smile, look the box over while doing it, and say something vague like “This is fantastic for that room we have!”

2. Donate, donate, donate.
If you’re convinced Uncle Bertrand isn’t going to notice the giant moose head he gifted you is missing, then go right ahead and use it to support your favorite charity. Most have restrictions on what they will and won’t accept, so be sure to ask those in charge of the details. I mean, what’s more fun that standing around trying to figure out the tax-deductible value of a moose head?

3. Re-gift
You may think its a simple solution, but because its an increasingly small world we live in, you have to be careful. Imagine the embarrassment when you re-gift those unmistakable, one-of-a-kind handmade cork earrings to Gina at your workplace, who just so happens to use the same hairdresser as Barb, your mother-in-law? Barb is not going to speak very highly of you at her next craft circle meeting. Re-gifting has got to be treated like a mob hit: well-planned, with no possible link that will lead to your arrest (or in this case, shame).

4. Repurpose it
This is a great one for the handy and/or eco-conscious of you out there. Maybe the knitted socks can now be stuffed with potpourri and help to keep the living room fragrant. The cat paw serving dish can be made to hold towels in the guest bathroom. Don’t look at me. I don’t know what to do with that moose head.

5. Sell it
I know what you’re thinking: what a terrible thing to suggest. But just because you don’t appreciate it, doesn’t mean Sonia in Ottawa won’t LOVE it the minute it hits her search results page on eBay. You know what they say, one man’s trash… But only consider this option if the giver won’t be looking for their gift every time they are within five feet of you or your home.

No matter what you receive on Christmas – or any other gift-receiving day for that matter, so long as you open it and display some gratitude, rest assured you’ll be right on target to receive something crappy again NEXT year. It is up to you to make the most of it. Happy Holidays!

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stuart747, posted this comment on Aug 27th, 2011

Some good sound advice, Thank you for sharing

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